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the quest for Nancy Drew


Thanks for sending your power sleuthing vibes my way. I finally found that spiteful lass Nancy Drew hiding amongst and betwixt the clothes, toys and baby blankets strewn about the floor of my 7-year-old's bedroom. As you may recall, my kid borrowed a Nancy Drew book from the library awhile ago and it is now two weeks overdue. Nancy had been one elusive step ahead of me for the last two weeks.

I thought I saw her under the bed. I thought she was hanging around in the closet. I was sure she was communing with the dust bunnies under the couch in the basement. All of this searching had been for naught. I almost admitted defeat, but couldn't bring myself to it. Just one more search.

And yesterday morning, Fate looked down and took pity on me. After another search amidst the junk on the floor of my kid's bedroom, I found Nancy. Oh, Miss Drew attempted to mock me from the cover of the book. I gave her a good dressing down, then I returned her to the library.

And good DAY to you, Nancy.

I've noted this before, but I think it bears mention again. Before we were married my husband and I took a "compatibility test" given to us by our priest. I'm not sure what the actual name of the test is, but if you want to be married in a Catholic church you must meet with the priest, do a bit of counseling and then take the test. At least that's what we had to do 13 years ago.

So my husband and I sharpened our pencils, went into two different isolation booths rooms and answered over 100 questions. Then the tests were scored based on our separate answers for compatibility. As I recall there were 13 sections but the questions were jumbled so you didn't know exactly what the categories were while you were taking the test. After the tests were scored the categories emerged and we were rated against each other.

Not surprisingly we were at least a 94% or better match on 11 of the 13 categories. I say "not surprisingly" because everyone who has ever met both of us tells us we are very much alike. Many have gone so far as to say I am like the female version of him and he is like the male version of me. We speak alike, think alike, have the same sense of humor, etc. But we don't look alike. That's where I draw the line.

Anyway our "growth categories" (where we were incompatible) were money and idealist vs. realist. These two items really do come up over and over again for us.

My point today is, my husband would have said "F#ck Nancy Drew. Just pay the library for the book." However, I knew if I just kept looking I would eventually find her, thereby saving us time and money.

Mission accomplished.


2007-07-26 at 6:49 a.m.

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