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revitalizing catchphrases


I would like to give new energy to the following catchphrases.

The first is "That's a good Bingo!" to mean yes, I agree with that. You are correct.

The other one is "Good DAY, sir" (with the emphasis on day). To me, this one feels like a sophisticated, albeit polite, 1920's kind of way of saying 'F#ck you sir.'


Yesterday, while shopping at Meijer, I unearthed a happy little ditty in the "international cuisine" aisle. That's the aisle with the Asian, Mexican and Italian food. So exotic are these food items that they warrant their own aisle, the shelving in black, not white like the rest of the store.

Anyway, my wonderful find of the day was a 7.5 ounce bottle of Taco Bell brand Mild Restaurant Sauce. Hallelujah and amen, sister! This is the same exact sauce found in the small, quarter-ounce orange packets at the Mother Ship, also known as Taco Bell.

Usually, after we eat at Taco Bell, I save the packets of extra sauce that I didn't consume for later use at home. At any given date, I generally have about 20 packets of sauce in a zip lock bag. It has been a while since I've eaten at Taco Bell and, to my dismay, I noticed recently that we were out of sauce. Bone dry.

I was really disappointed.

The commercial salsa available at most grocery stores do not measure up, in my opinion, to the level of Taco Bell's sauce. TB's sauce is the perfect finishing touch to my homemade burrito. Salsa doesn't even come close.

Cut to me wandering down the International Cuisine aisle, stocking up on refried beans. The heavens opened and the angels sang: "There's your taco sauce." And I thought, 'Now that's a good Bingo!'


My 3-year-old is on to me and my pathetic ways.

Many times throughout the day she wants to show me something and she will say, "Mommy, look at me."

And I will say, in a somewhat half-assed way while continuing to do whatever it is I am doing, "Wow, look at that," to give her the validation she is seeking.

Lately, however, she will say "Mommy, look at me. With your eyes."


Now all she needs to add is "Good DAY Mommy."


2006-11-06 at 1:00 p.m.

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