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strange dream starring Annabella Sciorra and Patricia Crowley


I had a crazy Lifetime-movie kind of dream last night.

I was married to this man (who didn�t look like my husband in real life) and he had a psycho first wife. Anyway, this jilted first wife looked exactly like Annabella Sciorra and she was on a mission to kill my husband, her ex-husband.

(Side note: Interestingly enough, I looked like Patricia Crowley circa 1960 -- when she starred in �Please Don�t Eat the Daisies.�)

Like most dreams, it kept changing perspective. First I was watching like it was a movie, then I was actually in the movie talking to my husband. It was weird and disjointed �- your classic this-doesn�t-make-sense dream.

So, my husband and his ex-wife had a daughter who was about 8 years old and the first wife was going to take her to school after she killed my husband.

I don�t remember how she killed him, but I knew she was going to do it before it happened. I tried to tell him what she was going to do and he said I was worried about nothing.

It gets kind of fuzzy here. She did end up killing him and somehow she got him in the back seat of her car, with a blanket over him. Meanwhile, their daughter was sitting next to him oblivious to it all.

Then she was driving down the road and the army was digging apart the cement so they could retrieve the army tanks that were stored deep in the bowels of the street. This freaked the first wife out, since she had to drive past the military men with her dead ex-husband in the back seat.

She was sweating and trying to look innocent as she drove slowly past the military workers. They showed interest in her as she drove by, but no one stopped her. I guess that piece was just in there to add to the suspense.

Then I think it was a flashback of me and the husband in happier times before the psycho wife killed him. That�s all I remember.

Oh yeah, we had a huge, awesome house that was really clean and had a spiral staircase.


I always find it surprising when people either ask �Do you dream in color� or state �I always dream in color.� Does anyone NOT dream in color?

Close your eyes right now and imagine your first day of school. When you experienced that for the first time you SAW everything in color. Why is it so shocking that you would remember it in color, just the way you saw it?

So following this logic, I�m sure you have surmised that I did, indeed, dream the preceding dream in Technicolor.


2006-11-06 at 7:35 a.m.

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