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Have you seen the show “Dr. G.: Medical Examiner” on the Discovery Health Channel? It’s really interesting if you’re into medical stuff. I am. My husband calls it one of my “freaky shows,” as in “Mommy is watching one of her freaky shows right now.”

I also like real forensic science shows like, “Forensic Files” on TLC. Another good one is “Skeleton Stories” also on Discovery Health.

Anyway, I have to say I’ve really only taken away one thing from Dr. G. She was trying to figure out the lifestyle of one her “patients” and she was checking out this woman’s teeth, physical condition and her feet. She kind of zeroed in on her toenails, in particular.

She said that this woman must not be a drifter because her toenails were taken care of and painted with polish.

So now, when I trim my toenails after a shower, I think of Dr. G. and wonder ‘Will I die today in a strange accident which will, in turn, require that my identity is discovered via clues from my lifeless body.’

And that is when I take special care to trim up my toenails and clean out the toe jam, lest the medical examiner think I am a drifter with no interest in keeping up my toenails.


2006-11-05 at 1:11 p.m.

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