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First my disclaimer: Good job Kirstie Alley. You rock, you lost 75 lbs. the Jenny Craig way and I applaud your efforts. You did not take a diet pill, you did not have gastric bypass surgery, you did it the �old fashioned� way with sweat, diet and exercise. Thanks for keeping it real.

Now, on to the issue. I did take a peek at Oprah�s website which showed a picture of Kirstie Alley in a bikini, celebrating her new body. Again, props to you, Kirstie. I am glad to see your confidence level has risen dramatically and you feel great.

However, the stats she quoted and the bikini photo do not jive. Let me explain. Kirstie said she is 5 feet 8 inches tall and she weighed 220 lbs when she started Jenny Craig. She also said she lost 75 lbs. Simple math will tell you she now weighs 145 lbs.

I am 5 foot 8 inches tall. I weigh 162 lbs. (I, too, am working on weighing 145 lbs).

Side note: I watch �Project Runway� and I was dismayed to learn the fashion world considers me a PLUS SIZE at a size 12! Grrr. As many have already noted, the Plus Size sections at Kohl�s, Sears, Marshall Fields, et al, don�t start at a size 12. Try a size 18 or 20. But I digress.

Each of my thighs is roughly half the size of each of Kirstie�s thighs in that bikini photo. So something is not jiving.

Don�t you think if you�re going to be �out there� telling the truth that you should actually tell the truth? Is it more acceptable to admit you weigh 220 rather than 260?

Here�s a thought. Why not withhold the starting weight and ending weight? Just focus on the change in weight � as in �look at me, I lost 75 lbs.� Period.

I�m just saying she�s not fooling any woman out there by saying she weighs 145 lbs right now.

But, I do applaud her efforts and her dieting success. I just think she would do more women a service by honestly admitting how much she weighs OR not giving out any number when it comes to her weight.


2006-11-07 at 8:46 a.m.

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