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there should be some equality


You know, I vacillate between thinking life is not fair, you just have to make the best of what you got and certain things in life should be fair. Of course I am referring to the P@ris Hilton jail sentence. From what I understand, she violated her probation and now she has a 45-day jail sentence in front of her. Seems pretty straight forward.

In this instance I feel there are many, many people who have walked in P@ris' shoes and they ended up trading their street shoes for an orange jumpsuit. Why should she be any different?

It appears to be a simple case of dealing with the consequences. This is exactly the type of lesson I have been trying to teach my children. If you touch a hot stove, your hand will be burned. If you jump on the couch you will get time out. If you drive without a license you will get in trouble.

So I will be really ticked off if somehow her lawyer can appeal this ruling and get her out of spending time in the clink. I do wonder if her mother bitched her out at home but in public is presenting a united front. Probably not. She probably feels her daughter is being victimized. Most parents aren't very objective when it comes to their own children.

I guess today's bottom line is this: life isn't fair, but P@ris Hilton better serve some jail time.


2007-05-09 at 9:02 a.m.

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