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Swiffer Duster and flat irons


I think you may be pleased to know I finally Swiffered the light fixture in the dining room. No more cobwebs, no more free rides for the errant spiders who have created a shanty town with us. Not surprisingly, my older girls rarely want to help me clean the house, unless I pull out a "tool" of sorts. Like the Swiffer Duster. Of course, I'm old school and I have the Swiffer Duster Version 1.0 which is the hand held model. It does require me to climb atop furniture to get at the dust and cobwebs.

Sidenote: I just realized the last time I actually paid attention to the cobwebs (hangs head in shame) is right before the baby's baptism (yes, that's right, she was baptized not christened. You know my issue with that word.) She was baptized two years ago on August 14, 2005. (Stifles a shudder.) I guess I should invest in the the Swiffer Duster Version 2.0 which has the extended handle to easily reach ceiling fans, light fixtures and corners of the ceiling. (Embarrassed chuckle) I'll jump right on that.

In other news, my sister Kim is here this week with her 20-year-old daughter, visiting from Virginia Beach. My niece is very fashion-savvy and so is Kim, because she takes pointers from her daughter. They both wear those low-rise form-fitting jeans and layered tops so the bottom of the tops show two different colors. They also both use a flat-iron to straighten their hair each day.

So yesterday we were at my parents' house and my niece, Jennifer, said, "How about a makeover Aunt Cardio." I said, "What the heck, go ahead." So they flat-ironed my hair and gave me some of their clothes to try on. It felt so weird!

I must admit, however, my hair felt really smooth and sleek. I have semi-thick hair and the humidity makes it sort of curly/frizzy. My hair kind of expands in humidity like one of those tiny sponge dinosaurs that you drop in water so you can watch it grow to seven times its original size.

But after she flat-ironed it, my hair was so smooth I couldn't stop petting it. I feel like I am harboring a rare and exotic rabbit on my head. Of course the rabbit is going to disappear down the drain once I take a shower, but I can still admire it up until that point.

I also had to laugh at myself, once again, regarding my modesty. I told you how I wasn't sure if I should wear a scoop-neck T-shirt and I checked with my husband to see if I was a train wreck. Well, after I tried on my sister's shirt I put my own scoop-neck shirt back on. By comparison, my shirt felt like a free-flowing caftan ala Elizabeth Taylor.


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