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wwyd volume 2 answer


Yesterday I posed the question What Would You Do? Now it's time to give the answer. This is what I did.

When the troop leader called me that Thursday I did express surprise, because I didn't realize it was my day to provide the snack. I told her, "Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry, I didn't realize it was my turn, I don't have the sign-up sheet."

Then she backed down (at the mention of the sign-up sheet) and said another mother at the meeting offered to run out right then to get a snack. I said, "If that's not too much trouble I would appreciate that. I'll bring the snack at the next meeting."

So when I picked up my kid last time, both the troop leaders were embarrassed and said, "We have to get the sign-up sheet to you." Then they told me you can bring the snack when it's the other mother's turn since she got it today. Great, I said.

I still don't have that list.

Yesterday was the next meeting (they meet every other Thursday) and I had no clue when the other mother's turn was because (all together now) I still don't have the sign-up sheet!

I decided I would bring a snack that could sit on the shelf for months and months, if it's not my turn. So I walked in yesterday with juice boxes and sealed cookies. I'm sure both of those things were sitting on the counter at Kroger's for at least a month before I bought them. And I told the leader, "Hi. I'm not sure when my next turn is, but I figured I'd bring it today and you can store it in the closet with the Girl Scout supplies until you need it."

She chuckled with embarrassment and said, "Thanks."

I did chit chat with the other leader when I picked my daughter up, not mentioning the list. She didn't mention it either. I figure it's a wash. I'm no longer Snack Coordinator and I just fulfilled my requirement of providing snacks twice throughout the school year.

p.s. Poopie's comment made me laugh my head off. I believe we all need to quote Ms. Houston every so often.


2007-02-09 at 6:14 a.m.

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