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what would you do volume 2


Okay, I'm not quite on schedule with my weekly installment of "What Would You Do?" but here we go. Cue the bouncy theme music.

Back in September my daughter joined the Girl Scouts. Besides the obvious benefit of giving her a social outlet, I figured this would help me out with the school's iron-clad rule stance on volunteerism. Because she goes to a Catholic school we are required to volunteer 20 hours of our time (by the end of March) or pay $10 for every hour we did not volunteer. Last year (the year our new baby was 6-weeks old at the start of school) we ended up paying $15.

So at the first Girl Scout meeting they wanted a "Snack Coordinator." This seemed innocuous enough and I figured I would earn an hour or two of volunteer time. Basically there was a list that was sent around at that first meeting. The parents signed up to provide a snack and a drink for all 25 girls twice throughout the year. If I chose to accept the role of "Snack Coordinator" I would be given a roster sheet with all of the phone numbers and the sign-up sheet that went around in the beginning of the year.

Once I had the sign-up sheet, it would be my duty to fill in the blanks on the sheet by calling the parents who did not sign up to provide a snack and securing their promise to bring a snack on that date. Then I would call the person on the list on Wednesday night, the night before the after-school meeting, and remind them of their obligation to bring the snack for Girl Scouts.

Seems pretty simple, right? That's what I thought.

From September until about December I called the troop leaders (there are two of them) to ask for the sign-up sheet. I asked each one at the pick up for the Girl Scout meetings. I e-mailed both of them to say I needed the sign-up sheet if I was going to be able to fulfill my duties as "Snack Coordinator."

Whenever I asked about the sign-up sheet, the one leader would tell me, the other leader has the list. When I questioned the other leader, she would tell me I'll have to get back to you. No response from either one on the e-mail.

So I gave up worrying about the sign-up sheet. Along comes the January 25th meeting and I get a phone call from the troop leader saying, "You signed up to bring the snack today. Where is it?"

This is where I wonder, what would you do? I'll give you my answer tomorrow.


2007-02-08 at 5:33 a.m.

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