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it's not a snow day, is it a cold air day?


No school today. That's a bummer, but I don't understand why so many schools are closed here in the Detroit area. I think it's because the temperature is 2 below zero, with a wind chill factor of 17 below zero. When I was a kid, school was rarely closed. And if it was closed, it was due to overwhelming amounts of snow. Not low temperatures.

Don't most kids take the bus or get driven to school? Are you going to get frostbite by running from the parking lot into the school?

Yes, I want my kids to go to school. Yes, it feels overwhelming having to entertain three kids all day long. No, I don't want them to perish in the winter winds. I'm just saying I look forward to school on Mondays. Is that so wrong?

When I was a wee child we had a lot more snow on the ground than we do today. Not having to drive around in it, I didn't mind it back then. Now I'm kind of glad we don't get so much snow. But I digress. Back in the 70s and 80s the superintendent of schools lived across the street from the high school, where he had an office. If he could walk to the school, school was open for business.

Very rarely was he not able to walk to school. Hence, it was very rare that our school district was closed. That sucked as a kid. In my early twenties I was a reporter for the local paper and I got to know the superintendent. He was pretty cool. He's dead now and that's a bummer.

An interesting side note: my childhood school is open today. I guess that's the school where men are men and wimps perish in below freezing temperatures.


2007-02-05 at 6:38 a.m.

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