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I sent my list of 100 facts to my sister Kim. She had an interesting take on that list. She noted that the first quarter or so of the list had a distinctly negative tone to it. I was surprised by that, but as I reviewed it I had to agree with her.

I still stand by everything I wrote. However, I have to concur that the tone is negative and that is how I felt at that time in my life. My childhood, as you may have ascertained, wasn't all sunshine and light. I did feel oppressed until I graduated from college and went out on my own. I'm just surprised that all of that stuff is still lurking below the surface.

I do consider myself a closet-pessimist but I am trying to actively become an optimist. Or at least I am trying to present an optimistic view to the rest of the world. Plus I am happier now.

That's all on that front.


I ran through McDonald's drive-thru yesterday and initially was happily surprised to see a new line of cappuccino offerings. In the past, McDonald's had your basic cup o' Joe and two flavors of cappuccino: Mocha-Raspberry and French Vanilla. The cappuccino came out of a machine that had two spigots, obviously one for the chocolate and one for the vanilla. It was a high-brow hot chocolate machine, in my opinion, but it was damn tasty.

I usually go for a cup o' Joe at McDonald's (with eight creams) but sometimes I like to shake it up. Yesterday was quite frigid out and I was going to get a Mocha-Raspberry to warm up.

Instead, I ran into the glorious sign at the drive-thru announcing the new line of cappuccino. I did not notice my beloved Mocha-Raspberry but jumped in anyway and ordered the presumably safe Vanilla Cappuccino.


I think they are using regular coffee and adding flavored syrup, then whipping some foam into the drink. The result was not good. I should have gone completely safe with regular coffee.


My next-door neighbor has three boys five and under. She is largely pregnant (at least seven months) with the fourth kid. She says she has had seven ultrasounds so far, due to some complications, and they still cannot tell what the sex of the baby is. She also told me, as she was shoveling snow the other day, she is dilated to a four. She further mentioned that the doctor was planning on delivering the baby when she is 32 weeks gestation.

If you haven't had children, you should know that a woman must dilate to ten and then she is ready to push the kid out. I have given birth to three children. I know how this stuff works. And I have numerous comments on the story she is telling me, but I will limit them for the sake of brevity.

If you are pregnant and having complications, your doctor is going to put you on bed rest for the sake of the baby. This means you should lie down on a couch or a bed because simply standing (what with gravity at work) can cause you to have contractions which may cause you to dilate further which might bring the baby out early. I can guarantee you that IF you are having complications, your doctor is not going to recommend that you shovel snow.

If you are pregnant and think you might be in labor the doctor at the hospital will check to see how far you are dilated. If you're dilated to a three or less the good doctor will send you home. If you are dilated to a four, they will admit you.

Almost every gynecologist on the planet will agree a baby delivered before 37 weeks is considered premature. A baby delivered at 32 weeks will potentially have problems breathing on its own, due to the fact that the lungs are the last thing to mature.

My point is, don't try to impress a fellow magician with pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Your fellow magician knows where you hide the rabbit and will not be awed. Save the tricks for the audience.


2007-02-04 at 8:05 a.m.

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