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a little validation goes a long way


There�s nothing like a good ole heaping of validation in the morning.

I take thyroid medicine daily, seeing as I have no thyroid, and when the meds aren�t working right it�s a massive drag. I *knew* my numbers were going to be high and when the doctor confirmed that today I almost jumped for joy.

I was right (insert crossed arms and smug look here). The levels are about three times lower than they should be.

So I get to take an extra half a pill on Sundays and hopefully those last 15 lbs from child #3 will magically fall off.

You see, the thyroid controls, among other things, your metabolism.

Not enough thyroid hormone means a slow metabolism.

A slow metabolism equals a BITCH to lose weight, even when you do intensive cardio for an hour a day three times a week and lift weights for an hour the other three days a week.

No, I don�t come home after a workout and eat ice cream and bon bons. I eat about 1800-2300 calories per day and burn about 500 calories at the gym each morning.

So I knew something was wrong when it took me three months to lose 3 lbs. And let me just add that I can�t WAIT to see my exercise efforts rewarded!

The other reason I am rejoicing is that this means my body is messed up in a way that can be chemically fixed, rather than being messed up due to age and over-use. My sister was hinting around that maybe (at age 38) time and age are catching up to me.

Since I am invincible, I knew that couldn�t possibly be the case. And today�s visit to Endocrinology confirmed that.

As I exited the office this morning, I put my hands on my hips and felt the wind gently rustle my super cape. I smiled and thought: this IS a good day. Cardiogirl has dodged the aging bullet.


2006-11-08 at 12:08 p.m.

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