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Both Webmiss and Lisele had a link to Sloganizer on their sites that provides a slogan for any set of words the user enters. It came up with two that I particularly like.

"Cardiogirl? Yes please."

"Cardiogirl is a never ending story."

I may use one of those as a banner on Diaryland because, you know, I'm always looking for new readers to add to my ego fan base. Yes, I live for the comments. I've mentioned that before and I will shamelessly admit it today. My name is Cardiogirl and I like feedback. I like to know someone (besides my husband) is reading and, presumably, enjoying this.

Anne asked yesterday, via my comments, "Now why on earth would you care what we think?" Oh, Anne. Dear, sweet Anne. Have you learned nothing from reading me? I am a people pleaser, through and through. At times, that trait feels like something inherent like the fact that my eyes are a strange dark blue-green-gray color that almost defies description. Really, the outer rim is the darkest of that odd color and then it gets lighter inside and there are flecks of brown randomly strewn about. I guess my eye color, like me, is also varied and difficult to pin down. What an enigma, this Cardiogirl.

Okay, this conversation is just begging for a side note. I have noticed on many blogs that most people have decided two people read their entries. Almost everywhere I go someone will inevitably mention "all two of you reading this thing." Since I like to be different, I imagine a nice solid prime number of readers. I'm going with 17; it's not the norm and it's substantial without being pretentious. So thank you to all 17 of you who routinely show up here and truffle about. I appreciate your interest.

Okay, since I notice the small, inconsequential things about life let me share yesterday's discovery. On my way into church I saw one of my regulars. We don't talk, but we know each other's faces and we said hello. She's a sometime lector and her husband runs the Children's Liturgy of the Word during the school year. She helps him out with that at times, but it's not her usual gig. I think she's also a Eucharistic Minister, but I'm not positive.

I noticed right away, when I first saw her years ago, that her body language just jumps up and screams, "Uptight!" At first I thought it was because she usually wears clothes that go right up her neck and almost under her ears. But then summer arrived and I saw her wearing a V-neck shirt. The uptight vibe was still radiating from her like the solar energy of a thousand suns.

I don't know if it's how she carries her upper body, how she walks or the look on her face. It's kind of like trying to remember when you first learned how to talk as a toddler. As an adult you can't remember learning the language you speak. It's that way for me with body language. I can't really deconstruct it, but I speak it fluently. And this chick is rigid. I just found that interesting as I was waiting for Mass to start.

I think I usually send out a friendly, mellow body language vibe unless I'm feeling extremely stressed out. Those are the times I wish I was hooked up to a blood pressure machine to see what's really going on inside of me. Maybe I'll throw our portable blood pressure cuff in the car next time I visit my parents and take a reading before I walk in the door. That should be interesting.


2007-07-23 at 7:16 a.m.

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