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what does my diary say about me?


I think I read this at Sparkspark's website, but someone was writing about reading her aunt's diary after the aunt died. It was an actual book made of red leather (I think) and it was very Spartan in its descriptions of day-to-day events. I believe the woman had no children just a husband and a mean cat or dog. The point is that her diary didn't really divulge anything about her. It did not give any kind of insight into her personality.

So of course that made me wonder what people in general and, my daughters in particular, would make of me and my diary. (This would be when my daughters are adults, not now. Now they think I am the greatest thing since sliced bread. Except when I put them in time out. When I put them in time out they don't like me.) Anyway, I wonder what this says about me? I am only certain of two people I actually know who read this -- my husband and one of my sisters. Neither one reads regularly losers but they do seem to enjoy it when they do read.

My husband says "my voice" (as in my personality) comes through in my writing. So I guess what you see is what you get. Most people I have met in my life find me, how shall I say, interesting in a weird, quirky, off-beat kind of way. I seem to think "off the beaten path", or in a way that most people do not readily admit to.

Speaking of my actual voice, the sounds that emit from my larynx, I've been told repeatedly that I have a very distinctive voice. When I was working everyone I talked to on the phone could recognize my voice after one conversation.

This is something I routinely heard at work, "Yes, I knew it was you, Cardiogirl, I recognized your voice."

"But we only spoke once," I would respond.

"I knew it was you. You have a very distinctive voice."

I am pretty sure distinctive means monotone. Don't cry for me Diaryland, I own it. I am who I am and I'm not taking voice lessons. You want me, you get the monotone; it's part of the package. Well, except for the people reading this. Those people get to imagine any voice they want to imagine. I like Leah Remini's voice. She's the wife, Carrie, on "King of Queens." She's also sarcastic and I like that, too. So, if you could imagine her reading these entries that would be good. That would make me happy.

Okay, I got sidetracked there; let's get back to my quirkiness. For instance, yesterday my husband and I attended a wedding in Detroit. Yeah, right downtown amidst the weeds and shot out boarded up houses. The wedding took place inside a church (not in the weeds near the boarded up houses) but the church wasn't in a very "affluent" area.

So as we drove along and admired the sights, I saw tons of graffiti and that got me to thinking. If one were so inclined to create some art on a cement underpass, when does one partake? It's usually pretty dark under the bridge so I would think it should be during the day so one could utilize the light provided by the sun. I'm pretty sure painting on public property, no matter how awesome the outcome, is illegal. Does a graffiti artist paint under the cover of night? If so, is a "lighting artist" necessary? You know, the person who holds the flashlight.

And how does one become a talented graffiti artist? I believe the tools of the trade are cans of spray paint. I wonder if it's difficult to choose the colors for the mural. It seems black is a standard outline color for most graffiti, but usually there are a lot of other bright colors.

I always find choosing the fabric for a quilt somewhat daunting. I worry about getting tired of the colors after working on the project for so long. As I stand in the fabric store I wonder if I will still like the fabrics I choose once I am done sewing and living with the quilt. So I wonder if an aspiring graffiti artist ponders the color choice while standing in the hardware store or if it just comes naturally.

And how and where do they practice to learn the technique? Is there a graffiti apprenticeship going on in most inner-cities? I don't know, but I wondered about that as we were driving to the wedding.

I think my diary says I'm a creative detail person. I guess I can live with that.


2007-07-21 at 7:47 a.m.

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