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finding a new read on diaryland


I'm always looking for a new, interesting read here on Diaryland and I've noticed I do not like sites that use a black background with any color of text. If some of my favorite people changed to an all black background with text on top I don't know if I could follow them. It's so hard on the eyes.

Like Samuel L. Jackson says in "Pulp Fiction" that blog would have to be one charming mother fucker for me to continue to read.

Also, I find it's rare that I want to read someone's archives. Every so often I run across someone who writes so well I am compelled to go back, go back, go back just to get more of their voice. But not often. Am I alone here? I wonder if it's society that makes us want new stuff all the time. I tend to want to read new stuff by my current peeps, but every so often I do delve into their archives. Most of the time, however, I have read their past stuff, which intrigued me enough to add them as a favorite. So then I am left waiting for their latest and greatest.

It also drives me up a wall when people will write stuff and say this is interesting and the text is marked so you can click on it. I don't like surprises. I'd rather see something like, I found a crazy video of a cat French kissing a Holly Hobby doll. If you're interested in seeing the footage you can click here.

Then I can decide if I am feeling particularly amorous today and I would like to look at the footage. Otherwise, I wonder if I'm missing out but usually I do not click on the link.

Isn't finding a new read on Diaryland kind of like Speed Dating? You click on a name (sometimes I try whoever recently added something and sometimes I go to my peeps' profiles) and the person has about three minutes to make an impact on me. If I see a black background I immediately hit back on my browser and try a new name.

If I can see the text (and the background is any color other than black) I will read the entry. Roughly ten percent of the time it has no interest to me and I do not read any more entries. Sorry baby, there's no spark. The rest of the time I will go back one entry so I can get a feel for their voice. Sometimes I like what I see and sometimes not.

So if the members area is like Speed Dating then 12% Beer is like a beta-version of It's sort of a preview of your potential date. And if he has a cute smile or an interesting turn of phrase, I'll click on him.

I have to say, most of the time it's worth the click. And he still respects you in the morning (wink). However, lately I seem to see the same names on that site. Granted, they write well. They do. They're funny and charming. But I don't want to always see a blue-eyed blonde. Agreed, they're easy on the eyes, but let's get some Ethiopians in the mix, let's get some brunettes and redheads.

Let's widen the pool, 12% Beer. There has to be a nice Jewish boy out there who's quirky and worth a second glance.


2007-03-01 at 6:46 a.m.

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