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Turns out I don't need to page Dr. Bruce Campbell after all regarding my laryngitis. Paula verified that stress will -- sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly -- contribute to losing one's ability to speak. It doesn't matter now anyway. My voice is back at about 80% capacity which is a huge improvement over a whisper. I knew this thing would be viral.

I do enjoy Paula, but she has this theory that illness is representative of what is going on in your life. I'm not so sure I buy that. She felt that I symbolically and literally lost my voice regarding the chaos going on in my life. As in, these diseases are running rampant and try as I might there is nothing I can do, I "have no voice" in helping. Eh, seems like a stretch, but whatever.

In other news, I finally got right with the Public Library. As you may recall, my kids had borrowed some books from the library and promptly lost them in the house. I need to figure out where the resting place for library books will be and keep them there at all times. (Hindsight is 20/20.)

So yesterday I gingerly stepped up to the desk and told the librarian, "I think I have a couple of overdue fines." I felt like I was at Confession. "Forgive me Librarian, for I have sinned. I have at least four overdue books that were tossed carelessly on the floor. I promise to go forth and abuse books no more."

My grand total was $2.60. I still have no idea what the daily fine is. So I hand her a fiver and she said, "Would you like to pay the entire amount?"

Um, yeah? That's why I gave you a five dollar bill. But instead I said politely, "The whole fine is $2.60, right? That will clear my tab?"

"Yes," she answered.

Then I would like to let all of it ride on Red 27, baby! Spin the wheel! "Yes, I'd like to pay all of the fine today. Thank you."

Wouldn't that be wild if, for one day, you could hear ALL of another person's thoughts? People would not want to be around me. Oh. Wait a minute. Reading this blog is like hearing all of my thoughts. I guess a couple people would want to be around me, after all. Thanks for sticking with me my Cardio peeps.

Last bit o' news for today: our oldest daughter is seven and she can read very well. That is a good thing and a bad thing. It's a bad thing because she now reads my "Family Fun" magazines. Those magazines are all about spending time with your kids and are filled with fun crafts, activities and recipes. So now that she can read, she can show me all of the crafts she wants to work on. Right. Now. Never mind the sister who is four and hungry for lunch. Never mind the sister who is two and has a crazy mess of a diaper that really needed attention five minutes ago.

So our current project is two life-sized dolls for the two older girls. We bought a full-size flat sheet from the Salvation Army (on sale 50% off so the total was $2.11 -- score!) and folded it in half lengthwise. Then the two girls laid down on the sheet while I traced around them with marker. I got so far as cutting the shapes out and pinning them together. Now I need to sew them, stuff them, and work on the faces and hair.

The concept here is that the doll, when you are finished, can wear your kid's actual clothes, since it is the same size (roughly) as your kid. I can't decide if our oldest daughter is going to be a lawyer or a CEO when she gets to the working world. She is a relentless task master, kind of like the Boss From Hell who is always on your back monitoring your progress.

I should tell her I want a raise and to stop micro-managing me or I'll find a job that has better working hours and paid vacation. I'm sure my sarcasm would be lost on her.


2007-08-08 at 6:27 a.m.

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