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bonding through disdain


Have you seen that commercial for The Hyundai Big Duh Sales Event? Ugh, I hesitate to even link it. (Click at your own risk.) I hate it.

The concept is that "it's obvious, it's a no-brainer, great deals on great cars." The commercial just shows the car with the theme song to Mission Impossible sung with the lyrics "duh duh duh duh, duh duh duh duh, etc." Then in the background is the word "DUH" all in lights.

I used to work in Marketing and Advertising before I had kids. I have been thinking about the pitch meeting for this particular commercial and wonder what were the other concepts bandied about, that made this particular one look good by comparison. To me, this looks like something that would be shown on Saturday Night Live as a skit. Did I say I hate it? I HATE IT!

Thankfully I only watch three hours of television a week these days, and that would be "Big Brother 8." (Side note: I was so surprised when the banner came by that said Eric and Amber were liars! And I love watching Eric spin about crazily trying to do damage control. I liked Eric until he shaved his hair into that faux mohawk. It's like the new hairstyle came with a new paranoid attitude. Now he seems kind of mean like an agitated ferret who might bite at any moment.)

Anyway, it is during those three hours that I see the "Duh" commercial in heavy rotation. Yes, I mute it. I still hate it.

I guess I'm just keeping the tradition alive. My mother hated that commerical for Krazy Glue. Remember the guy who put one dot of Krazy Glue on top of a hard hat and then stuck the hat to a metal beam and hung in the air? She hated that commercial.

She thought it was so stupid and unrealistic that the guy would be able to hang onto the hat. She was so vehement about hating it, it just made me laugh and love her even more.


2007-08-07 at 7:15 a.m.

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