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dreaming of Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy


It seems like a lot of blogging people have a celebrity crush. It makes me feel so inadequate, since I don't have one. Randomly I will dream about celebrities but usually it's not amorous.

Within the last week I dreamt about Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy, but I had just seen a picture of them. And let me say that Mr. Carrey desperately needs a hair cut. I do not like men with long hair. That's never been appealing to me; I just find it messy and weird. A lot of women seem to be into Johnny Depp and his long-haired pirate look. That's not working for me, either, and don't even get me started on his crazy bob for the re-make of Willy Wonka (shoves finger down throat to imitate gagging, then starts to cough wildly and reminds self to stop being so histrionic, the reader probably gets the point.)

Okay, the dream went like this. Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy were married and they were my clients. I was a house organizer and they hired me to organize all of their clutter. I remember ordering furniture (like an armoire and entertainment unit that had doors to hide the clutter.) Every time I saw Jim Carrey he wore a white dress shirt and tie. I thought that was weird, since he was at his own house relaxing.

Anyway, somehow he and I had been platonic friends in the past but never dated. Now that he was married to Jenny McCarthy he told me, "too bad it never worked out for us." And I remember telling him, "Our personalities are too different, it never would have worked out."

(Got a big enough ego, Cardiogirl? Yeah, Jim Carrey was interested in me. He was ready to dump Jenny McCarthy but I told him it just wouldn't work out for us. His loss, she said while mindlessly filing her nails.)

I'm pretty sure in the dream I was single and had no children. I do remember looking at him and Jenny and thinking I liked the notion of what they had, the loving relationship between them, but I knew our chemistry (mine and Jim's) wouldn't be the same as Jenny and Jim's. Isn't that weird? I also remember feeling intense satisfaction and accomplishment after I de-cluttered their house.

All I can make from this is that life feels chaotic and I am desperate to organize my shit, mental or otherwise. Oh, right. I also noticed that in the dream Jim Carrey's hair was short, just the way I like it. Isn't that funny?

I'm always game for interpreting dreams and hearing other's opinions. If something jumps out at you, please feel free to share your insights.


2007-08-05 at 7:31 a.m.

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