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dreaming of chocolate


I had a strange dream last night. It was Christmas and my sister gave me two pairs of earrings as a gift. It was sort of like an after thought. I don't remember being bummed out that I didn't get any gifts. I was busy watching my kids. Everyone else had opened their gifts and then my sister realized, hey here are two boxes under the tree for you Cardiogirl. So the boxes were big, like a shirt box, but they each had a small pair of earrings inside.

They were dangling earrings each with a chocolate coin that was part of the earring design. Both pairs had one earring that had a crack in the chocolate. For some reason I ate the chocolate off the earrings. I think I felt like the earrings were kind of tainted anyway, what with the crack in the chocolate, and it wouldn't be a big deal. After I ate the chocolate she was like, "What did you just do?! Those earrings cost $65 each!"

I was embarrassed but then she said we would go to the mall to replace them. I told her I would go to the mall with her, but I don't usually wear earrings so she shouldn't feel the need to replace them. The rest of the dream is fuzzy, all I really remember after that is trying to park the car at the mall parking lot. It had been raining and most of the parking lot was flooded.

In real life, I don't usually keep chocolate in our house because it doesn't last. But I do enjoy a good piece of chocolate. I love it, in fact. Who doesn't love chocolate? If it were just me in this house, I would have a bag of individually wrapped chocolate in the cupboard. Said bag would last about a month. Once in a while I have a taste for one or two small pieces of chocolate after dinner. That taste lasts me for a couple of days then I would like to have another taste, and so goes the cycle. At times I forget the chocolate is available and then when I rediscover it, it's like Christmas all over again. (Hmm, I wonder if that's a Freudian slip because I was just talking about Christmas, or if this is some clue to understanding the dream.)

My husband and kids are not like that. One bag of chocolate does not last very long over here. And I refuse to hoard chocolate. I will not do it. So we simply do not buy chocolate. This has left me to occasionally run up to the corner store to satisfy my sweet tooth. We actually have a party store located within walking distance from our house. It's four houses down the block and across the street -- very convenient when you have a late-night craving.

But more often than not I view the "cost" of chocolate (or a carb-riddled snack) in terms of calories rather than money. Most of the time I would rather not spend that amount of calories which, incidentally, helps me to be financially frugal. See? It is a win-win situation! I'm not sure if this is normal or not. I'm swaying toward not normal. I can't completely connect the dots on this thought, but I think it's probably a somewhat negative side effect of obsessive behavior.

I'm also thinking this has something to do with the dream as well. Once my sister found out I ate the chocolate she chastised me by saying "the earrings cost $65 each." It's still too early for me to really wrap my head around this dream and it's not really important that I figure it out. But if anyone else out there can see the real meaning behind this, feel free to leave a comment. Otherwise, just enjoy the literary journey.


2007-07-14 at 6:47 a.m.

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