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the nose makes the face


I followed a comment from Weetabix's site and discovered my blog is "rated G for General Audiences, no bad words were found." I had to laugh; I would definitely say my life is rated G for General Audiences. If you knew me you would probably agree I am like a modern-day brunette Sandra Dee.

Back in the 90s, when I had the "Top Gun" bob I was repeatedly told I look like Kelly McGillis. My hair actually passed for blonde back then so I'm sure it was mostly the hair style that garnered the comment, but I'll take it. Now that I have a brown ponytail I don't get those comments anymore.

I always wished I had a nice aristocratic nose, smooth and narrow. Mine is not like that, it's kind of pug and broad, about three blocks away from perky. I completely blame my nose for the "young, girl-next-door" look that I can't seem to shake. I don't believe I am capable of a "vamp look". I've always wanted to look smokey and exotic (sexy, even) but instead I look clean-scrubbed and suburban. I'm the non-threatening chick everyone wants to confide in. Sandra Dee can try, but she doesn't come off as exotic or sexy.

If I wasn't such a wuss I would think about a nose job, but I would want one that totally changed the look of my nose. I've seen that on a few celebrities (like Jennifer Grey) but usually you end up with the beta version of your own nose. It's a tad different, but basically the same. So why bother?

And before you say, "but you just said people told you that you look like Kelly McGillis and she has a cute nose" I told you it was mostly the hair cut. Maybe, if you squinted, my eyes, mouth and basic face shape could pass, but not the nose.

I think even if I did have an exotic nose my personality wouldn't match. My personality is pretty tame and G-rated, as well. I'm not very mysterious and I think exotic faces usually have mysterious personalities. So maybe I have the correct nose after all.

In other news, Yankeechick rated me as one of five Rockin' Girl Bloggers! Thank you so much Yankeechick!

I am now charged with passing this award on to five other gal bloggers. Here's my list, in no particular order, go check them out:

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2007-07-07 at 8:22 a.m.

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