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feeling anxious and I don't know why


I had my standard anxiety dream with a twist again last night. I'm feeling uptight about something, not quite sure what it is. Anyway, last night I apparently worked in New York at some kind of fashion company. I was kind of like a personal assistant to some big wig woman, sort of like "The Devil Wears Prada."

So I was supposed to go down the street and pick something up, but instead I went down the hall and used someone else's phone to call the place and have the item delivered. In the dream I had such difficulty with the phone. I kept trying to dial the numbers but I kept messing it up. At one point I was slowly attempting to dial each number. I would press one number, double check that it was right by comparing it to the scrap of paper, press the next number and check against the paper only to realize I pressed a 5 instead of a 7. It was really annoying.

In the mix of all of this was my youngest daughter. She seems to appear in my dreams lately as an accessory. I don't actually have to feed her or give her a nap, but she's like my purse. I set her down, do my thing and then I have to find her again before I leave. So it was last night in my dream. Sometime after the phone dialing incident I arrived in Germany, I think, for work. I had to do some laundry as I was unpacking and there was a washer and dryer in the hotel room. I was throwing all of the dark stuff together mindful that I needed to put 20 items in the washer. Don't know why I needed 20 but that's what I remember.

Side note: Paula is really into analyzing my dreams and she swears numbers are important. I do not know what 20 signifies. Ditto five and seven. Those numbers are not important to me, but ever since she said that I try to figure out what the number component means. Usually I have no idea.

So I'm unpacking and putting clothes in the washer and my daughter is starting to pull clothes out of the suitcase and interfering with my washing. I think I actually had the thought: you're not supposed to interfere with the dream, you're supposed to be an accessory. I know I was annoyed. In the dream.

And that's what I remember from last night's subconscious cinematic showing.


2007-06-12 at 7:00 a.m.

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