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I like stream-of-consciousness thoughts. I like to follow the path and find out where I started and where I ended up. The internet is like that sometimes. Yesterday, when I sat down to find out why I keep hearing Elvis on the radio (and to procure the song) I took a side trip down memory lane.

But first, Elvis. Last week my kids were watching the second "Lilo & Stitch" movie which is heavily laden with Elvis songs. Nothing new there, I've heard the dialogue and music many times over. But somehow Elvis caught me anew last week. There's a song called "A Little Less Conversation" but it's been remastered into a slick and sexy version called "A Little Less Conversation (JXL Remix)", which makes the original seem a tad tinny by comparison.

After hearing that new version on the radio a couple of times I figured this song has a good beat and I can exercise to it, I must own it. Of course, of course this is a song that cannot be purchased for 99 cents. That would be too easy. This is a song that is on the soundtrack for "Lilo & Stitch 2," but you have to purchase the entire album for $10. It's also on the "Las Vegas (Original TV Soundtrack)" album but ditto on the purchasing. I'm just not convinced the song is worth $10. But I really want the song.

Why must the music industry do this? I know, the rest of the songs on the album are duds and this is a way to make more money per purchase and to get the duds out there on the airwaves. But don't you think more people would purchase the good song and more money would be made if they allowed people to purchase the one rockin' song?

Grr, I say to that.

Okay, so sometimes when MusicMatch and Rhapsody are pimping me like that I turn to YouTube to hear the full song. Do yourself a favor, go check out the video and listen to the full song. It makes me want to jump out of my seat and dance like I'm at a clambake with Elvis, baby! Thank you, YouTube.

It was at this point I took the trip down memory lane. Somehow (can't remember the actual neural pathways that took me there) I re-discovered The Housemartins. I love the lead singer's voice and yes, I know the bass player later became Fat Boy Slim.

This segue in music made me think of my favorite college roommate, Tonya. She really opened my eyes and exposed me to a wide variety of stuff. I can honestly say she made me the eclectic musical connoisseur that I am today. I remember when she got a tape-to-tape radio for Christmas and brought it back to school. Not only could we listen to the radio or a tape, but we could mix new tapes from the current tapes.

If I recall correctly, she was a bit of a purist and usually had a full album on each tape. I liked to mix it up though and usually had a bunch of different stuff on one tape. This new radio/tape player she had even let us tape off the radio. Bitchin'!

Anyway, coming full circle, both MusicMatch and Rhapsody pimped me, once again, by not selling anything from The Housemartins. So I turned to my buddy YouTube and watched quite a few videos, got my fix for the day and even decided I might pay full price for a best of album.

YouTube, I acknowledge and bow down to your awesomeness. Please, please never change.

Sending out a thank you: I'm sending an extra 1000 strides on the elliptical trainer to hilthethrill who added me as a favorite recently. Thanks Hil!

Addendum: I just realized MusicMatch is, indeed, selling this song for 99 cents. (Insert nervous chuckle here.) Umm, it appears it is on the "Elvis 30 #1 Hits" album. And it's the JXL Remix. (Insert embarrassed blush here.) I'll just skulk away quietly now. But not before I rock out all afternoon whilst listening to "A Little Less Conversation (JXL Remix)" on repeat. All. Afternoon.

I'm sorry MusicMatch. I was wrong. You were right. (But you have pimped me on numerous occasions. Just not today.)


2007-06-05 at 6:47 a.m.

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