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When my husband and I were married with cats I never had a very hard time finding what I was looking for in the house. Scissors were usually in the junk drawer -- just where I left them. Tweezers were in my makeup bag in the medicine cabinet. My cup of coffee was on the kitchen counter.

Now that we are married with children stuff has a way of disappearing into a black hole only to resurface months later when I have no need for it. Rather than go to where the item should be, I now look under the couch, behind the stereo speaker, under the dining room table, in the book case or on the steps to the second floor. This routine is used for edible and non-edible items that I am in search of.

I find on rare occasions, when I am completely stumped and have no idea where to look next, the actual item I am looking for is in its correct resting place. Most of the time these hide and seek gymnastics revolve around finding the sippy cup filled with milk or juice. The fear factor is upped when the cup contains milk because, as we all know, milk curdles.

So when I am ready to throw my hands in the air after searching for the sippy cup that is destined to become the science project from hell, I give it one last-ditch effort. I look in the refrigerator and there's the cup. Right where it belongs. This must be Murphy's Maternal Law at work.


I have my physical coming up in July so I am assembling my list of general health questions for my doctor. In searching the internet (a tendency my doctor abhors, but something I do anyway) I have discovered the correct name for a particular syndrome I seem to suffer from. It's called Precordial Catch Syndrome.

It causes you to catch your breath and you try not to breathe in or breathe out too much because it's extremely painful either way. You take short, staggered breaths and try not to move. Finally, you work up the courage to take a sharp inhale or exhale. You feel a sensation similar to a "bubble" bursting and the pain is gone.

Does anyone else ever experience this? I seem to get it randomly maybe once every month or two. The site I found said the medical community knows about this and knows it is not life-threatening. There is no treatment (except taking a deep breath) and it is not harmful, just painful. So you don't do anything for it expect deal with it.

I wonder if there's a medical term for "that's a bitch."


2007-06-02 at 7:12 a.m.

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