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I have to say I love summer. I love wearing shorts, I love wearing sandals and having a tan. Side note on the tan: A couple of years ago my doctor casually mentioned that a tan is actually the skin's way of showing it has been assaulted. In essence, it's an allergic reaction to the sun. For some reason that little statement has stuck with me, however it hasn't stopped me from loving a tan. He also said technically it should not be seen as "healthy" even though that's the perception of society.

Dude, you're harshing my summertime mellow.

In the summer it just feels like we're on vacation every day, even if we're running late for an appointment, school, work, what have you. I kind of feel that with the warm sun comes the carefree attitude of the Bahamas here in suburban Detroit. Slow down, mon. De sun is shinin'.

Now if I could just get rid of this sore throat I'd be jammin'. I haven't been to the Y to exercise for the last week and a half, due to this cold. I think now I should be fine to go, I'm just kind of being lazy. And now is when my gluteus maximus and quads could use a workout since they are being seen daily in shorts.

Since we're on the topic of summer skin, I've got to spout off about toenail polish color. I prefer pale pinkish-beige that kind of blends the toenail into the skin. As evidenced by Exhibit A:

However, every day when I pick my kids up from school I see women who either have fire engine red toenails against a sea of fish white toes or, even worse, the French manicure. Yuck.

As you probably know, the French manicure is the very light white, pink or beige nail with a bright white strip at the end of the nail. On the toenails, this gives the illusion that the actual nail itself is long. Ugh, it makes me cringe just thinking about it, much less seeing it. For me, the French manicure on the toenails is like a train wreck that I am powerless to turn away from. Much as I despise it, I tend to be mesmerized by it. It's like the siren song in the sea causing ships to wreck on the boulders ahead.

So as I greet summer with anticipation I am also wary of the things it will coax out of the woodwork.


Sending out a thank you: I'm sending an extra 1000 strides on the elliptical trainer to dinosaurorgy who added me as a favorite recently. Thanks Dino!


2007-05-30 at 6:58 a.m.

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