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I was talking to Paula the other day about my brother, Jack. He's bedridden with MS and when he gets angry at his wife he refuses to eat. I said to Paula, "I understand that it must be scary when Jack refuses to eat, but don't you think after a day, if that, he will get hungry and grudgingly eat some food?"

She said after two or three days of not eating you become immune to hunger; you just don't feel it. Look at anorexics, she said.

Okay, this is sad, but I have tried my hand at anorexia. It just ain't happening for me. I know this is messed up, crazy thinking, but many times I have felt like a failed anorexic. I just get hungry. Really hungry and then I feel like a failure who has no control, because isn't anorexia about controlling the numbers on the scale (as well as the food that enters one's mouth?) Anytime I have read about anorexics or seen documentaries on TV they all admit to being hungry but they have "tricks", if you will, on how to curb their appetite. Some will suck on hard candy; some will drink hot water or black coffee.

So I'm throwing this question out there. Do you really think you lose your appetite after three days of not eating food? (I assume, for the sake of argument they continue to drink water.)


Does anyone know how to write an entry for the "cast" page that doesn't become the new entry for the day?


I'm a pretty neurotic house cleaner except when it comes to the bathroom. I don't know why that is. It's really quite disgusting, is what it is. But I am attempting to turn over a new leaf. This is embarrassing to admit, but I know you won't judge me too harshly: I usually only clean the bathroom when my mother-in-law visits. This is roughly four times per year (cringes while grimacing and closing eyes).

Yes, I understand that maintaining a bathroom is a helluva lot easier than starting from scratch every three months. So, in that vein, I am attempting to get into a maintenance mode. I know it's like any other "new" thing you start. You have to incorporate it into your routine until it becomes second nature.

Wish me luck.


Here's the $3,200 lesson of the month. If you don't change the air filter regularly (every six to 12 months) on your furnace, it will cause a part deep within the bowels of the furnace to rust and crack. And since this is the actual heart of the furnace it will cause much mayhem, much gnashing of teeth and much money to fix.

You will then find yourself extremely frustrated that you are now on a "six month same as cash" payment plan instead of investing $28.00 every six to 12 months on a new air filter at Home Depot.

I'm just saying, save yourself the headache.


2007-05-29 at 9:55 a.m.

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