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sunglasses etiquette


Okay, it's starting to fully be spring here and so that means the sun is shining more often than not and that further means people are wearing sunglasses. We need to discuss sunglasses etiquette. I did do a quick search on Google with this, because I find it so annoying, and I found one site that discussed it and shared my opinion.

I never realized how much I rely on eye contact to read a person. When you are talking to someone who is wearing sunglasses, especially the kind with mirrors or really dark lenses, it is very difficult to get the full story, as it were. This is so annoying to me, that I find it rude on the part of the other person. And at times I even get a bit angry. (Of course it's a repressed, hidden kind of anger).

I'm not talking about someone you would casually see at the gas pump and nod hello to. I'm talking about being at the park or outside of your kid's school where you are engaged in an actual conversation that is going to last more than two minutes. If I am wearing sunglasses and that is the case, I will actually take my glasses off so I can talk with the person.

I think some people like to hide behind their sunglasses. I know it's easier to ogle a hot body running on the side of the street with his shirt off and his sweat-drenched pecs rippling in the hot sun or so I've heard (insert noncommittal shrug here).

I also find it really irritating when you are at a pool party, sitting under an umbrella conversing with someone in the shade and that person keeps his or her sunglasses on. What are we - - celebrities? Let's just preserve civilization a little further and take off the sunglasses when we're in a full-fledged conversation.

Okay? Okay.


2007-05-23 at 2:28 p.m.

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