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who's telling the truth?


I could never be a police interrogator. I am too gullible. I usually believe what people tell me, unless it is blatantly obvious they are lying. I watched an episode of American Justice on a guy who was imprisoned for allegedly killing his parents. He's been in jail since 1990 and says he did not kill his parents and he was coerced by the police into confessing.

Here's the quick run down. At the time his parents were murdered, the son was 17 and he woke up around 6 am to get ready for school. He saw some lights on in the house so he proceeded to look for his parents. He found his father barely alive in his office and called 911. His mother was dead in her bedroom.

Because he seemed too nonchalant about matters, the police took him in for questioning. As noted, the mother was dead at the scene; however, the father was in a coma for about four weeks then died. The interrogator decided to force the son's hand, during the interrogation, by telling him this little white lie. He said the father came out of the coma in the hospital and said the son did this to him and his wife.

In response to that, the son confesses. He's halfway through writing the confession when his lawyer comes in to save the day and the confession stops mid-sentence and is never signed by the son.

My question here is, if you were innocent, would you confess to something you did not do? The son's only explanation was that he was grief stricken and in a fog. He thought maybe he blacked out and did kill his parents, if that's what his father said. That seems kind of convoluted to me.

Now, I should mention that the weapons he confessed to using (a bar bell and a knife) were tested and there was no blood or tissue on either item. But, the son had a tissue in his pocket that had a drop of his mother's blood on it. He said he never touched his mother.

I guess the bottom line is: it's good I am not in law enforcement.


2007-05-22 at 6:46 a.m.

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