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I have the beginnings of a garden-variety cold. A sore throat that's getting worse each hour and a nose attempting to plug. This is wrong, especially during spring. I wish there was a Virus Bank where you could deposit your cold and then withdraw it later in the year when it was more convenient to be sick.

Now don't go thinking you would put the cold in there and never withdraw it again. There would be a 12-month limit and if you never withdrew it, you would suffer a penalty. The cold would come on without warning, with interest.

It just seems, to me, that the time to be sick with a cold and sniffles is in the fall and winter. When I'm sitting in the sunshine with shorts and sandals, I should not be coughing and blowing my nose. Those two images do not jive for me.

I just clicked over to to check out today's high (72 degrees Fahrenheit, if you're interested) and on Tuesday's high temperature section it said "Plan a scenic drive" which invites you to click there to get a route. Does anyone drive just for the sake of driving anymore? You know, go on a Sunday drive just for kicks. I think that's an outdated notion these days. Traffic is so congested around here and pretty much everywhere, that I find it difficult to believe people would just jump in the car, pay up to $3.35 per gallon for gas, and drive with abandon.

That's just my visceral response to's clickable statement.

And speaking of gas, did you receive that e-mail floating around cyberspace that encouraged us to refrain from purchasing gas on May 15th to teach the big bad oil companies a lesson?

I did receive the e-mail, I did forward it on and I did refrain from purchasing gas on the 15th. I did not see the price of gas plummet.

I guess that experiment does not support the notion of the power of one person.


2007-05-19 at 7:54 a.m.

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