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Apparently my B-list doctor is correct in that I do, indeed, do things the hard way. Yesterday was a really warm and sunny day; we actually hit 90 and I broke out my sandals. In celebration of the warm weather, I took my 4 and almost 2-year-old to the park down the block. My 4-year-old impressed me by riding her tricycle the whole way. I pulled my 2-year-old in the wagon.

We played, we laughed, we enjoyed the sun. When it was time to go my biker gal informs me she wants to take the long way home. 'Cool,' I thought, 'she can exercise her quads and abs on the ride home.' She did make it halfway and just when I was starting to be really impressed she announced that she was tired and hopped into the wagon.

This created a conundrum as I was pulling the wagon, now with two kids in it, and had to figure out how to get the tricycle home. I tried to walk backwards for a bit, pulling the wagon and the tricycle in tandem. That wasn't very comfortable. So I ended up carrying the tricycle in one arm and pulling the wagon with the other arm. Good thing I lift weights on a regular basis.

Later on, I told my husband about our day and he said to me, "Why didn't you leave the tricycle, pull them home with the wagon and then drive the van back to pick up the tricycle?"

I suppose, because I like to do things the hard way.


I continue to find this interesting. At the YMCA the elliptical machines and the treadmills allow you to enter your weight and age before you pick a type of workout. On the treadmill the age starts out at 35 and then you adjust accordingly. On the elliptical the age starts out at 25 and you adjust accordingly.

So, again, I mention this to my hubby and tell him that means I have to press the up key 14 times on the elliptical to get to 39 and only four times on the treadmill. And isn't that an interesting commentary on just who the health industry thinks is using which machine?

Then he responded, "Why don't you just press 3 and 9? It will overwrite the age."

Again, because I like to do things the hard way?


2007-05-16 at 8:31 a.m.

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