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thank you Little River Band


I recently discovered the song "Happy Anniversary" from the Little River Band. I knew the LRB back when they were big and recognized their hits. But somehow I never heard this song. So last week I was driving home from dropping the kids off at school and ran across this song.

I kept my finger on the button because I can't stand it when I stop on a song that I think is actually a song, but turns out to be a jazzed up commercial. If you're familiar with the song the chorus is "Happy Anniversary baby, got you on my mind." They repeat that about five or six times then get into some lyrics. That's where I entered and I was gonna be really pissed off if it turned out to be a commercial for Applebee's.

Happily, it was a real song, so when I got home I googled the lyrics and found out it was an old song. Thank you MusicMatch, now I own it and have listened to it on repeat numerous times. So much in fact, that my 4-year-old is singing "Happy Anniversary" around the house.

Anyway, my husband always wants to know why I like a particular song (that's the first-born in him). My answer, invariably, is it has a good beat and I can exercise to it (that's the last-born in me). Why drill down into the details on things that are relatively unimportant?

I think he wonders if the lyrics to the song mean anything about the state of our relationship. I think these are the lyrics he's questioning:

I'm so happy for you baby
Now that you've found somebody new
I see it in your eyes, Lord it's no surprise
What he can do for you

. . .This is our fifth year baby
And I feel like I'm in jail, Lord
I'm holding on to this card
Can't seem to get it in the mail
And the card reads . . .
Happy Anniversary baby

He does know me well enough to know that the song is not representative of where we are. It simply is a song with a good beat. But I usually laugh when he points out what the lyrics are because I don't really pay close attention. It's all about the melody to me.

I guess you can take the baby out of the family but you can't take the last-born out of the girl.


2007-05-03 at 6:45 a.m.

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