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Monday ramblings


I have wondered, for a while now, why there are handicapped parking spots at the YMCA. There are roughly seven of them and at any given time at least three spots are used. Doesn't that seem kind of contradictory? Handicapped parking spots at a workout center.

It seems odd to me. But the last time I went to workout I had the same thought and then saw a blind man, white cane and all, working out on a weight machine. He had a woman with him who helped him navigate the machines, etc. And I thought, wow, that's dedication. I wonder if I would still workout on the elliptical machine if I were blind.


Have you experienced those people at the store who do not honor your personal space while waiting in line at the register? I find that highly annoying. I cannot go any further ahead than the person in front of me. That's why we are all standing still. I am waiting for the person in front of me to move. Do you see space in front of me that is wide open? No? I didn't think so. Are you a sheep herder? Do you feel the need to prod me just to let me know you're there?

Yes, I was bumped at Costco.

Pay attention lady. I turned around and said, "Excuse me." Even though I didn't bump into her. Then I walked around to the side of my cart, because I didn't feel like getting rammed again. If anything's getting rammed it's gonna be my metal cart.

For her part, she did say, "Sorry, sorry," when I said "Excuse me" and then she jumped lines and went elsewhere. Just give me some space people. That's all I'm asking for.


Lastly, I'm trying to use my husband's theory of setting myself up for success by making attainable goals. I have two goals I have set for myself. First, I am going to attempt to wash my kid's gym uniform by Sunday night each week so she has a clean shirt, shorts and sweat pants for Monday morning. I know, this is not a lofty goal and surprisingly I fall short of this particular ambition on a regular basis. Now that we only have two months of school left this year I figured this was something I might be able to achieve.

My second goal is to even up my farmer's tan. After many years of wearing short sleeved shirts all summer I have a semi-permanent farmer's tan where my upper arms, neck and upper chest are fish-belly white and my lower arms and face are a couple of hues darker. It's like Michael Jackson in reverse.

Anyway, I have an old bottle of Neutrogena Sunless Tanner so I have cracked that out and I am applying it to the upper arms, upper chest and neck in an effort to even myself out. I don't really like this product because it does not seem to stay after each day. But I am a cheapskate thrifty gal so I am going to try to use up the bottle before I buy a new one.


2007-04-16 at 9:18 a.m.

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