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Recently I heard the melodious strains of Kenny G on our local Smooth Jazz station. He has done a cover of James Blunt's "You're Beautiful" and this spawned many thoughts. First and foremost, isn't doing a cover kind of a cop out? I think as covers go, re-making a classic from the 1940s is a bit more highbrow than re-making a Top 40 hit from a year or two ago.

Why does Kenny G need to stoop to a cover? What does James Blunt think of this? Isn't Kenny G just a step or two above Muzak? I would think James Blunt would have had to have agreed to this, what with licensing issues. Perhaps James was in it for the money. It just struck me odd that Kenny would cover a recent hit.


I just ran across Chris Hansen on "Scarborough Country" last night. He seems to have parlayed his internet pedophile sting operation into a book which he was discussing.

Human behavior never ceases to amaze me. They profiled one man who was in his early 50s and worked as a Rabbi and youth counselor. He sent numerous nude photos before the face-to-face meeting. I'm sure you've seen at least one sting operation. The unsuspecting man (it's always a man) comes strolling in the house and says, "Hello?" He then meanders into the kitchen where Chris Hansen walks out and starts to question him.

The rabbi told him he had never done this before. Then when he was confronted with his own nude pictures, he said, "We both know I'm in a lot of trouble." Then the rabbi stood up and attempted to go medieval on Chris, but the sound guy jumped in. Turns out this particular man went before the judge, sans a jury, and received six and a half years in prison.

Again, this is a situation I just cannot wrap my head around. I do not understand the appeal of internet chat rooms and the possibility of meeting an underage boy. If nothing else, what about the consequences of getting caught? I suppose some would say that adds to the appeal.


My seven-year-old is in Brownies and they are growing basil from seeds. I had all but given up on the tiny pot of dirt that refuses to yield results. I water it every day and put it on the counter near the tiny bit of sunshine this March is providing. But nothing. I don't do very well with plants and my kid is getting frustrated.

I was this close to chucking the whole thing when she noticed the smallest start of a bud. And what do you know, now we have three tiny little shoots of green. I can't get over how victorious I feel. It's not enough to even taste, but it's there it's growing!

I never was in Brownies. I had a passing interest, but it didn't materialize. So I feel like I am earning the Grow It patch at 39, even though the badge will be prominently displayed on my kid's vest.

We may have fresh basil on our pizza yet.


2007-03-29 at 7:05 a.m.

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