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a lesson from Anna Nicole


Isn't it weird how Anna Nicole Smith has been portrayed, in death, as a sage and stable mother, just a normal gal who happened to be a celebrity? I certainly did not know her, but I have seen snippets of the "Anna Nicole Show" on E as well as her appearances on VH1, Entertainment Tonight, etc. It seems most people are glossing over her alleged drug use and freaky manner of speech.

I'm all for respecting the dead, but it is interesting to me how the dead seem to become improved versions of their former selves. Once someone dies, we seem to forget the negative and emulate all of the positive attributes so much so that they rise to mythical proportion. That's something Lolly Winston discussed in her novel "Good Grief."

The story is about the first year of widowhood for a 30-something woman. It covers her grief and acceptance of her husband's death. At one point she says everyone remembers her husband as a perfect man. She tries to remember some of his annoying habits, just to hold on to the actual person he was.

And while we're talking about Anna Nicole, can someone please explain to me why DNA is needed from her for the paternity test? Is there a question as to whether she was really the baby's mother? I'm trying not to be dense here, but I don't get it. Any time I have heard about a paternity test, a cotton swab is used between the cheek and gum of the supposed father and of the baby. Why is it necessary to have Anna Nicole's swab?

Regarding paternity, I just don't believe Howard K. is the father. I think the photographer is actually the father. And how crazy is it that Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband is claiming to be the father? That would be wild if he was. Can you imagine Zsa Zsa Gabor as step-mother to a six-month old baby? Isn't she in her 90s?

I suppose this is a case of why it is so important for parents of small children to create and/or update a will that outlines guardianship among other things. I was surprised to hear that Anna Nicole did not update her own will once her son died. From what I heard her only will was dated in 2001 and her son Daniel was the sole beneficiary.

Rule Number One of updating a will: if your beneficiary precedes you in death, call your attorney to update your document. I understand she was in grief, but with her financial status I would assume making that change was just a phone call away.

I'm just saying perhaps we could learn a lesson from her pre-mortem mistake.


2007-03-08 at 6:59 a.m.

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