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begging the compliment


I like to think I am self-actualized, confident and impervious to other people's opinions. But that's not quite true. I'm working on that, just as I am working on affirming myself. However, it's still nice to get an unsolicited compliment every once in a while.

Barring that, I suppose I will be begging the compliment today.

For a while now I have wanted to mark my territory here on Diaryland and make this site reflect more of me. The first step was to find this free layout from Pink Design. I definitely like white space, always have and always will. It just looks crisp and clean to me. So that piece definitely worked for me.

Having no html experience whatsoever under my belt, I was definitely pleased with myself when I figured out how to make the links throughout my text a different color. Oh yeah, I felt bad.

But I have grown tired of the crayons. No offense, but I am not looking for anyone to "colour my world." I wanted a different look, a different feel for cardiogirl. It actually crossed my mind to commission my friend, the art student, to draw something for me - a chick on an elliptical. But I wasn't sure I wanted her to know about my site.

Then my husband reminded me how I had written about his wandering pubic hair and he let me know he was not keen on my friend knowing the travel habits of his private follicles.

So then I thought (like I am wont to do) I can do anything - I am cardiogirl! I can do this myself! Since I can't really draw, I wasn't sure how I was going to accomplish this task, but necessity is the mother of invention and I found a way.

Once I had the drawing I wanted, I outlined it in black felt tip pen and pulled out my kid's watercolor paint. I have to say I am quite proud of my finished piece. I then scanned it, added the text on top and set about to figure out the coding on my template.

After an hour or so of tweaking yesterday, I ended up with this new look. And I have to say I am so proud of myself! But now I want to tell people I know to check it out! But I am stopping myself out of concern for my husband's feelings. It's one thing to know about cardiogirl's hubby in an anonymous way. It's quite another to know intimate details about the guy who sits next to you at work.

So I guess I am left to beg the compliment from my Diaryland friends. Please, shower me with praise. Today I am not above groveling.

Isn't it cool? That's me! I have long brown hair. I always wear it in a ponytail. I wear my mp3 player with earbuds at the Y. I drink water out of my Evian bottle. I made that! My waist isn't that thin, but hey I took creative license.

It is my site after all.


2007-03-04 at 10:57 a.m.

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