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a couple of updates


I have a couple of updates today. First off, the thrift store.

I did make it to the Salvation Army Thrift Store yesterday and I have to say I was quite amazed at what I found. The clothes were pretty darn decent and they were color coded just like they do on "Mission Organization" on HGTV. Whenever they re-do a closet on that show they arrange the clothes sort of like a rainbow, all the reds together, then oranges, then pink, etc. That's how the store was set up.

I was impressed.

It did kind of stink inside the shop, sort of like a musty old basement. They could use a shot of Febreeze here and there, but a lot of the clothes were in decent shape. I think I might go back for some t-shirts.

Also, as my friend pointed out, when I'm done with these "fat pants" I can take them back to the Salvation Army! Ah, the circle of life. So I found two pairs of pants, one pair of jeans and one pair of khakis and paid a total of $6.34 for both. Each pair was just $2.99! The t-shirts were only $1.99. I feel like I found a whole new world. Amazing.

Secondly, on to the Girl Scout cookies. I finally connected with the cookie lady and after getting lost half a mile from my own house for a good 15 minutes without my cell phone or her phone number I found her house. It's so much more fun when you rough it, isn't it?

This means I have the cookies to deliver to my sister Claire which will allow me to bust into Nirvana which I think includes her boyfriend (insert evil grin here). I think I'm going to do it next Tuesday morning. The snafu is that I have to have my middle kid with me (so I have the excuse that she wanted to visit Aunt Claire) and my kid is off from school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This Thursday I am visiting my parents so I don't have time to do it that morning, which leaves next Tuesday. I will report back.

And lastly, I have a new strategy I want to employ with Caroline. She keeps telling me about her husband, the punk, and I don't want to hear about him. She won't stop mentioning him so I'm going to try some behavior modification based on Paula's suggestion.

Paula said as soon as Caroline says Rob's name I should interrupt her with "oh, I have to go, I'll call you later" and then hang up. When I talk to Caroline later and she asks what it was about I'll just tell her the baby was crawling up the stairs or something along those lines. Since I don't call her anymore I'll have to wait until she calls me and then I'll report back on that front as well.


2007-02-27 at 8:20 a.m.

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