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thrifting and people pleasing


I think I want to go to a thrift store. I keep reading about Mavenhaven's adventures and I think she has inspired me. I have no idea what I will find there, but our budget is screaming for me to try something different and inexpensive.

There's a Salvation Army store a couple of cities over. I might drop in there tomorrow after the older two go to school. Hmm, I wonder what I'll find. I wonder what the price ranges are?

Is it correct to assume these are clothes that other people had, outgrew, didn't want, what have you, and gave to the Salvation Army? I do need a new pair of jeans. As I mentioned a while ago, I seem to have a pointy left knee and have sprouted yet another pair of jeans with a hole in the knee.

However, there's a winter storm brewing so maybe the kids won't have school tomorrow. Grr, that's annoying. Things had to be a lot crazier when I was a kid for school to be canceled. I guess it's inevitable that we compare our past with our kids' past. But I always hated it when my dad did that. I guess because he was always so condescending and self righteous.

Man, I'm kind of hitting a dry spell here. There's nothing really going on and I'm not feeling really introspective lately. I always feel like I should have some type of commentary here, rather than a list of the things I did today. Isn't that strange? I want to be entertaining, even though this is supposed to be just a place for me to do a mental dump.

I guess that's also how I feel in life when I am visiting with other people face-to-face: I feel like I have to be "on" and entertaining. We've been over this territory; I am a people-pleaser, plain and simple. Somehow I am always playing to an audience, real or imagined. That's one of the things I'm working on with Paula. Trying to have confidence and realize I need to please myself.

Thus ends our discussion on Cardiogirl's insecurities. Thanks for tuning in.


2007-02-25 at 8:04 a.m.

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