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No school yesterday due to six inches of snow. I'll spare you the "when I was a kid" stories, but only by biting my tongue. Today is a half-day, tomorrow and Monday no school due to Winter Break. Ugh.

Okay, so my second oldest sister, Claire, is 50 and I'm pretty sure she lives with her boyfriend. She owns a condo and doesn't want anyone to visit unless she has advance notice. I'm not saying she shouldn't live with this man. I'm saying if you're going with it, be out and proud about it.

As you may recall, my oldest daughter is in Girl Scouts and this is the time of year when they sell cookies. I hit my family up to buy a couple of boxes, including Claire. She ordered thin mints and all abouts and made a huge production out of when they were going to be delivered and where I was going to deliver them.

She desperately wants me to drop these cookies off at my parents' house. Because, you know, it will be so much easier for me, Cardiogirl, she says. Now this is a woman who thinks only of herself. So it's suspect on that point alone, that she wants to make things easier for me.

The other thing I must point out is that Claire adopts a "holier than thou" attitude on everything. Everything is black and white and there are clear cut answers. Either it's right or it's wrong. Period. So it's extra annoying that she's so judgmental when it comes to everyone else but her.

This is why I will be delivering those cookies, on Claire's day off, right to her door step. My sister Kim is begging me to deliver them to Claire's house. Kim is making sure I will bust Claire, because this is a tad confrontational and in the past I have shied away from any form of confrontation.

Okay, so when Claire ordered the cookies I told her they were supposed to come in around Valentine's Day and then I would deliver them after that. So she called me yesterday (on Valentine's Day) to double check that I was going to deliver them to my parent's house. I said, yes I'll take them to Mom and Dad's but I don't have them yet.

I'll keep you posted on what happens when I actually deliver them. I don't know if she'll refuse to answer the door or if she'll block entrance to the domicile. I'll know if she's home because her car will be out front. I might call her from her front door if she doesn't come to the door.

But she doesn't answer her phone either. She always screens phone calls with her answering machine and then picks up the receiver, her voice all groggy saying she was napping. This is at all hours of the day. I know, she is a complex flower and we should stop trying to analyze her behavior.

I just can't wait to see her boyfriend's dishes in the sink and his stuff lying on the floor as she stammers out an explanation.


Another thanks: I'm sending an extra 1000 strides on the elliptical trainer to jessicatate who added me as a favorite recently. Thanks Ms. Tate!


2007-02-15 at 8:37 a.m.

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