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just another strange dream


I just remembered a weird dream I had last night. I was back in college but I was meeting new roommates for the first time. I was uptight and didn't want to have to deal with any of it. Meanwhile my past roommate from college was trying to give me a pep talk and help me through the anxiety.

I didn't understand why she wasn't going to be my roommate, because I guess in the back of my head I knew she really had been my roommate. Isn't it funny when your mind tries to make sense of a dream while you're dreaming? Anyway, I lived in a house similar to my current house with seven other women. And they were like wild animals. (Coincidence that I grew up in a family of eight and in this dream there are eight of us, including me? Also I am in the middle of changing my relationship with my parents and siblings; probably this has something to do with the dream as well.) Truly, as I think back on it, they were like my children and I was like the mother.

I was concerned that they weren't going to like me, but I didn't want them to jump on the couch, eat macaroni and cheese in the living room and take the cushions off the couch to create a fort. (These are all things that happen in real life on a daily basis with my own children).

Somehow I got all of the 20-something women into the dining room with their food. I was kind of amazed that they listened to me, but I knew they were grumbling about it. I also remember saying to them, "There are eight chairs at the dining room table because there are eight of us in this house. There's a chair for each one of us." (Kind of condescending when you think of speaking to a peer.)

So after they ate their food and put their dishes in the sink I tried to clean up the living room and clean spots of macaroni and cheese off the couch cushions.

Two thoughts on this: Clearly this is about my own children/family and my relationship with them. Can't I get a break from cleaning the house? I clean it each day in real life, it would be nice to already have a clean house in my dreams.


2007-02-13 at 6:25 a.m.

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