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Okay as you continue to read, it will become extremely apparent that I do indeed live under a rock. I don't watch much TV because I don't really get the chance. However, I have heard of "24" and "Prison Break" on FOX. Mostly, I've seen them advertised while I watch "Family Guy."

Side note: I love Brian. I love his voice. I love that he is prone to alcoholism and that he is one of the few who actually understands and banters with Stewie. And I also love that he is intensely afraid of the vacuum cleaner. Thanks for letting me get that out. Now back to the story.

So I have heard of "24" and actual know the name "Jack Bauer" because of FOX's extreme advertising campaign. I also ran across an article about Mary Lynn Rajskub in one of the tabloid rags while waiting in line. I do not know her, but my sister knows her. We all hail from the same small town. So I have some interest in her because she's a fellow homie. And she's funny. She had a small part on a "King of Queens" episode a while ago when Carrie was in a supervisory role and it was extremely amusing even though it was so minor.

Okay, the same story goes for "Prison Break." I don't know the characters' names, but it seems like it's mostly about dudes in jail breaking out -- hence the name. Yes, my powers of deductive reasoning are steller. And FOX is always advertising it. So Sunday night I was lying in bed ready to fall asleep and flicked on the tube for some mindless entertainment.

Turns out I saw the last half of "Prison Break" and the first 15 minutes of "24" before I fell asleep. Now I have no clue what the plot is for either show. But I gotta say both shows were really fast-paced and seemed to be edited like an action movie. Each scene, though quite short, was edited to have a mini cliffhanger. And that was pretty damn interesting and satisfying. Not at all like your average television show -- drama or otherwise.

So on "Prison Break" there was a guy, I think he was the President's brother, who did some kind of bad stuff that messed up life for a bunch of other people. It looked like he was being held in a safe-house so he could perhaps testify. Of course his testimony and admission of wrong-doing was going to mess his life up. Huh, dealing with the consequences of your own actions, that's a bitch.

Anyway, the guys who broke out of prison picked him up from the safe-house before the "good" guys could get him. But not before they killed the guys who were guarding him.

They took the President's bro to a motel room and told him he was going to explain his wrong-doings to the media. It sounded like in the past these guys somehow changed the President's brother's face with plastic surgery and left some kind of trail that would make the identification of his body impossible. I wasn't very clear on that part.

Meanwhile, one of the prison dudes calls a local news station and says, "Hey, I'm so-and-so and I'm ready to turn myself in and make a statement. I'm at the Bates Motel." He hangs up the phone, a quick struggle ensues and somehow the President's bro gets hold of a gun. He is aiming it at the three prison guys and telling them he is not confessing to nothin'. And then he says, "Sorry" and turns the gun on himself.

Shot of splattered blood on the wall and his lifeless feet protruding from behind the motel bed. In the distance, the wail of a police siren is heard.

Wow, baby! I might actually have to research this show and figure out what's going on so I can watch next Sunday.

Alright. Who am I trying to kid? The reality is that by next Sunday I will forget the show is on, I will forget what time it is on and I will watch my only "appointment TV" which is "Family Guy."

But I can see why so many people are into these shows. They're like mini movies with a hell of a lot of action and gore. Just what the public wants and needs.


Another overdue thanks: I'm sending an extra 1000 strides on the elliptical trainer to yankee-chick who added me as a favorite a while ago. Thanks Yankee!


2007-01-24 at 5:59 a.m.

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