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I fought the good fight for a couple of years, back when I first learned I would have to take thyroid medicine daily, for the rest of my life. By that, I mean I simply had the bottle in the cupboard and I reminded myself to take one pill each day. It worked fine for a while and I felt like I was stickin' it to the pill bottle.

It was my way of being a motorcycle jacket-wearing ruffian on the inside while remaining a 30-something WASP on the outside. I don't like having to take the medication. It makes me feel vulnerable and dependent, which is exactly what I am. It is also a daily reminder that I had a cancerous tumor in my thyroid which had to be removed surgically.

When I was told this was a maintenance drug, a sophisticated way of saying it maintains my life function and if I want to keep living I have to take it every day, I had a few irrational thoughts. The most vivid was that if I were ever kidnapped by the Mafia, or lost in the woods for an extended amount of time, I would desperately need my Levoxyl and wouldn't have access to it.

So I continue to have issues regarding my medication. I finally had to admit defeat about six years ago and actually purchased a seven compartment pill box with the first letter of the day of the week on each compartment. It feels like the pill bottle ripped my motorcycle jacket off my back, slammed it repeatedly on the concrete and then kicked it to the curb in triumph. "Who's stickin' it to who now," the bottle seems to ask me in mocking tones.

"You are, Levoxyl," I answer meekly as I down the pill with coffee each morning.

So I lost that fight, but I'm on to another adversary. I have declared a personal war against this flighty non-existent season we are loosely calling winter. I don't think I'm ever going to construct my own personal ice rink in my back yard this year which is a drag. But I'm not holding that against Mother Nature. My kid is, but not me.

No, my beef with the environment has to do with the winds coming out of the west. If we're going to call this winter, the temperature in Michigan should hover under freezing, which we all know to be 32 degrees Fahrenheit or less. But that's not the case. What we are really experiencing is an Extended Fall Solstice.

To that end, I have been wearing my fall coat all season long. My personal goal is to be able to wear the fall coat until April, when summer will probably assault us like a frying pan to the head. I will concede that I have worn gloves perhaps three times this season. But I am attempting to make it through the 2006-2007 winter season without wearing my winter coat.

I perform a similar ritual at the end of summer. To protest the end of that glorious season, I do not wear socks with my shoes until absolutely necessary (when the mercury dips to approximately 45 degrees). It's like the AIDS ribbon. It's my own weather-related cause that I champion fiercely.

I guess I have some anger issues to resolve.


Another overdue thanks: I'm sending an extra 1000 strides on the elliptical trainer to bettyalready who added me as a favorite a while ago. Thanks Betty!


2007-01-15 at 7:21 a.m.

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