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my letter is S


I feel so legitimate here in Diaryland. And the reason why is because I asked Willowfox if I could participate in her reindeer games and she said yes! She gave me the letter S. That's right, the 19th letter of our fine alphabet.

So before I begin, I'm sending a shout out and a thank you to Willowfox for bringing me into the fold. Thanks Willow!

And here we go:


Oh my. This is such a gimme. To say I love Seinfeld is like saying Bill Gates did pretty well with the business venture known as Microsoft -- it doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. My husband and I still speak Seinfeld-esque. We have all of the seasons that are available on DVD. We have seen Jerry perform standup live twice and we took Kenny Kramer's Virtual Bus Tour in New York. I actually won a Vandelay Industries bumper sticker for knowing what type of operation Jerry and Kramer were going to watch in The Junior Mint episode. (It was a splenectomy, in case you're wondering.)

SpongeBob SquarePants:

Now that we have children, SpongeBob has pretty much replaced Jerry Seinfeld. While we don't have seasons of SpongeBob on DVD, we do have 10-episode disks. I think everyone loves Patrick Star, SpongeBob's best friend and next door neighbor, but I like the whole crew. I even like Plankton and his dreams of world domination.


Hands down my favorite season of the year. Living in Michigan ups the ante; I'm never sure if we're going to have a mere five weeks of summer, an extra long, greenhouse effected summer or a long spring followed by an Indian Summer in October. These Great Lakes always keep me guessing.


I am a Chuck Taylor devotee. I love my Converse low-tops with a fierce and undying passion. Each year, either on Mother's Day or Christmas Day, my husband and kids surprise me with a new pair in pastel colors. (This year I got Coral -- a medium orangey-pink color.) For me, there is nothing quite as exquisite as slipping into a new pair of never-before worn low-tops. They look good, they feel good and, I believe, they are good for the soul.

Samuel L. Jackson:

For me, Samuel L. Jackson is all about the auditory delivery. That man has anger down. He could read the phone book to me and I would watch enthralled, alternating popcorn with laughter.


My perfect day is lacing up a pair of Converse low-tops, walking in the summer sun down to the neighborhood 7-11 and picking up a Cherry Slurpee. The pulverized ice-to-liquid ratio is awesome. Though, I must admit, if you drink too quickly, you will run out of liquid and enter into a snow cone situation. But that's what the Slurpee is all about: leisurely enjoying the sights and sounds of summer. It seems to beckon the spirit of Bob Marley in the way it requires you to chill out, check out your surroundings and enjoy life.


I do love Seal's voice. His last album (Seal IV) really spoke to me. Music is so interesting in that each person interprets it in their own unique way. For me, this album is really spiritual and speaks of God in almost every tune. I don't know if that's what Seal intended, but that's what I got out of it. Thank you Seal Henry Samuel.

Santino from Project Runway:

Initially I wasn't sure about him. I'm certainly no fashion expert and I cannot judge stuff that comes off the runway. But, I really liked Santino's personality. And his impression of Tim Gunn made me fall on the floor! Carry on.

Salty Nacho Chips:

I don't know if I could choose between salt or sugar. They are both my Achilles Heel. The salty corn chips go so well with Diet Pepsi. The flavors harmonize and call to me all too frequently. Thank God I don't have high blood pressure. Yet.

Sweets for my Sweet Tooth:

The yin to salt's yang. More often than not, I would choose sugar if pressed to the wall. This is exactly why chocolate is not often found in my house. I cannot be trusted. Like a sweaty heroine addict, I would sell my own mother for another hit of chocolate in the midst of a sugar bender. I have learned its best not to go there.


2006-12-29 at 8:41 a.m.

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