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mini muffin mayhem


TO: My Teflon Mini Muffin Pan

FROM: Cardiogirl

RE: Your Defiance

Okay, I understand I received you as a gift. I did not purchase you myself; therefore you could jump to the conclusion that you are not as loved as some of the other pans in the cupboard. But that would be an incorrect conclusion. Don't I admire the small confections you produce? Don't I dote on your capacity to bring joy to my children?

Then why can't you perform like you should? When they sealed you at the factory with Teflon that led me to believe my muffins would slide out unfettered. I thought I could bake without non-stick spray. And in reverse, that I could spray on Pam and you would let me wash it off easily.

Not so.

When I bake the muffins commando, i.e. without non-stick spray, the muffin sides stick to your shallow innards. Can't you let go? What's the point of Teflon if you're going to hang on to muffin baggage?

If I overspray the Pam into a cup that did not receive muffin mix, the spray becomes like super glue after spending 12 minutes in a 350 degree oven. I can't scrub you with an abrasive cleanser, since you're sealed with Teflon! I can't seem to win.

In closing, shape up or I'm going to have to make full-sized muffins with paper cups. You see, mini muffin pan, my kids like jumbo muffins as well.


2006-12-27 at 8:04 a.m.

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