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trying to win smed's holiday CD


An open letter to Smed. Or Why I Want a Smed 2-CD Holiday Mix.

Dear Mr. Smedindy,

I see six others have gone before me and earned a 2-CD Holiday Mix. I would like to be number seven.

I am not into numerology, but I am technically the seventh offspring of my parents. (I am actually the sixth child, but by virtue of a miscarriage between child number five and myself, I find myself as lucky number seven.)

But that is not the only reason why I should win said Holiday Mix. I am a huge fan of SCTV. This goes back to the late 70's, I believe, when Second City TV aired on Canada's channel nine (in Detroit), the call letters being CBET. This is where many a now-famous comedian got his or her start. There was Catherine O'Hara, Andrea Martin, Dave Thomas, Harold Ramis and Eugene Levy, to name but a few.

So what does SCTV have to do with Smed's Holiday Mix? I've seen a couple pictures of you, Smed, roaming throughout Diaryland and you look a lot like Eugene Levy.

I've been told I resemble Kelly McGillis in Top Gun and The Accused. This is where Cardiogirl and Smed share seven degrees of separation via the internet. Are you ready?

I'll do the counting for you.

1. Kelly McGillis was in The Accused with Jodie Foster.

2. Jodie Foster was in Foxes with Randy Quaid.

3. Randy Quaid was in King Pin with Bill Murray.

4. Bill Murray was in Caddy Shack with Ted Knight.

5. Ted Knight was in the television show Too Close for Comfort with JM J. Bullock.

6. JM J. Bullock was in Space Balls with John Candy.

Wait for it...

7. John Candy was in Splash with Eugene Levy.

(Yes! she exclaims joyously, shooting her fist in the air. I rule! to quote Kevin Spacey in American Beauty.)

And there you have seven degrees of separation from Cardiogirl (Kelly McGillis) to Smed (Eugene Levy).

Have I earned the seventh Smed 2-CD Holiday Mix?

If not, I'll just go mix myself a 7&7 and have a good cry.


2006-12-26 at 2:17 p.m.

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