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kipper the dog


Are you familiar with Kipper the Dog? He's a mellow canine who started out as a children's book character and evolved into an animated cartoon most recently shown on PBS Sprout.

A couple of years ago he was in heavy rotation on Nick Jr., but no more. Anyway, when my oldest daughter was about four, my sister-in-law gave her a plush stuffed Kipper toy. When you press his paw he says a couple of things like, "Time for bed" (my personal favorite), "I wonder what the biggest number ever is?" and "Hello you."

Well, the first time my kid went through the rotation of phrases, she said to me, completely freaked out mind you, "Mommy! Kipper said he was going to kill me!"


We listened more closely and realized Kipper actually said "Hold still. I'm going to KISS you."

I still smile every time I hear him say that.


2006-12-20 at 6:45 a.m.

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