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the lure of Dr. G


I caught half of "Dr. G: Medical Examiner" last week before I fell asleep and had numerous nightmares thanks to the good doctor's meticulous work.

If you haven't seen this show, let me give you a quick run down. It airs on my absolute favorite cable channel of all time: Discovery Health. Once a week Dr. G spends an hour performing autopsies to figure out exactly how and why someone died. She also throws out some interesting tidbits along the way. "This is an enlarged heart. A normal human heart weighs between seven and 15 ounces, this one weighs three pounds."

So the announcer introduces the victim by giving a little bit of background on where and how the person was found. Then Dr. G. walks into the autopsy room wearing scrubs and she begins the autopsy.

The episode I caught was about two people found in a blood-soaked car in a church parking lot. Blood was everywhere, but most notably all over the inside of the front windshield, which is what attracted the old man who actually discovered the car and its grisly contents.

We learn that a woman was found in the back crumpled on the floor between the front and back seats and a man was found in the driver's seat with his hand around a knife that was plunged deeply inside his heart.

This was a couple: the woman was divorced and had dated this guy for about five weeks. She was not interested in a serious relationship as she was off a bad divorce. The man was a captain in the Bosnian navy (or something like that) and he was scheduled to return to his homeland within the next week.

Turns out he wanted a more serious relationship than she did, so he did what any psychopath would do. He decided if he couldn't have her, no one would. He parked the car in the church parking lot and stabbed her repeatedly with a knife. The killing blow occurred when he stabbed her in the lung, I believe.

So with her dying in the backseat, he then turned the knife on himself. Being a righty, he made 11 vertical cuts on his left forearm *down to the bone* (!) and then stabbed himself four times in the heart.

According to Dr. G., he was not "dying fast enough" so he stabbed himself in the heart, then pulled the knife up without fully removing it from his body and stabbed it back into his own heart three more times.


Is it any wonder I have nightmares? Like a junkie in need of a fix, I enjoy the drug-induced haze and dread the nasty withdrawal.


2006-12-19 at 6:55 a.m.

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