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the mysterious pubic hair


Why is a pubic hair in the bathroom sink so much more offensive than a piece of hair from your head draped across the sink? Presumably, head has been out and about in different environments all day long. It might have second-hand smoke in it. It might have acid rain, if you got caught without an umbrella.

I'm just saying the hair on your head goes to a lot of places throughout the day whereas your groin just hangs out in a tightly contained environment (depending on what kind of activities you're engaging in).

Yes, I saw a pube in my bathroom sink this morning while I was brushing my teeth. I quickly created a waterfall with my hands so as to wash the offending hair down the drain. All of this was done in disgust, toothbrush hanging precariously out of the side of my mouth like a disinterested smoker's cigarette.

I was repulsed but curious. There are only two post-adolescents in the house, myself and my husband, so the hair obviously belongs to one of us. Mind you, it would not have made it one bit less offensive had I known it belonged to me. But I did spend a bit of time wondering how the hair got into the sink.

I only came up with one scenario. It had to have happened when my husband was shaving in the morning. He tends to shave naked, leaning against the sink while he looks into the mirror. Yes, that must be when the offending hair took flight.

Knowing how it got there doesn't make it any better, either.

The most interesting part of all of this is that I left the four or five long brown hairs from my own head draped across the sink. Those are okay.

But if you're dark brown, curly and less than one inch long, you do not have clearance to hang out in my bathroom sink.


2006-12-12 at 9:01 a.m.

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