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your basic anxiety dream


Last night I had my basic anxiety dream with a twist. I have two versions of the basic anxiety dream.

The first is that I am at school getting ready to take a test and I never studied, I have no idea what the answers are and I feel like I never attended the class. The second is that I am doing many irresponsible things that would alert the watchful eyes of Child Protective Services.

So last night I dreamt my in-laws were staying with us for the weekend and my father-in-law had a bunch of prescription medicine on the nightstand in his room with the lids off. For some reason, I was in there with the baby (who is 17-months old) and before I knew it she had dumped the meds all over the floor.

The meds actually looked like those Sweet Tart candies at Halloween that are shaped like dog bones and they were the same pastel colors.

Anyway, I make a mad scramble to pick up all of the meds/candy before the baby ingests them. And of course they're everywhere. So I gather all of them up and I put them in my mouth so I can get rid of them.

I'm starting to chew them and then I realize, hey dumb ass, these are prescription pills and you're going to overdose and die if you swallow these. So I then go to the toilet, spit them out, rinse my mouth crazily in the sink and flush the meds away.

I gather up the baby and have to tell my father-in-law, hey we had a crazy little experience in your room a couple of minutes ago. Sorry you don't have your meds anymore. And p.s., can you come in the room with me to double check that I did find all of the meds off the floor? Oh you can? Thanks. I owe ya one.

So again, I go back to his room, with him and the baby, and I keep finding pills all over the floor. I keep thinking that we got the last one and then I would see three or four more on the floor just under the bed.

Cut to me in college, no baby. I'm a college student trying to pack up my room for summer break and then suddenly I am an intern at a law firm. I'm the new employee and I have the grunt work of getting all of the jurors to sign some form or something. I have a deadline of 5:00 pm and it's around 4:45 pm. I don't have all of the signatures and I don't know how I am going to get everyone to sign in time.

Then I'm at a party with a bunch of people from work (the law firm). It's in the back of my head that I didn't get my signatures, but everyone is standing around drinking and eating finger food. Suddenly I see Jennifer Aniston, who apparently works at the law firm. She's kind of like the cool kid, not really an actress, but I'm surprised she's there and I talk to her and think, wow she really is cool.

Later I saw Brad Pitt roaming about the room. He was one of those waiters who wears a tuxedo-like uniform and carries the trays of food around offering them to people. No one knew who he was, he was just the cute waiter and he and Jennifer did not interact with each other.

Okay, so the "twist" was that I have never had my two basic versions meld into one long dream like that. It made for a restless night of sleep.

I must admit, though, I do enjoy seeing celebrities in my dreams.


2006-12-02 at 8:53 a.m.

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