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Have you ever experienced this phenomenon?

You get in the car, adjust your mirrors and drive about your business. Then the next time you get in the car, after you have been the only person to drive said car, you have to readjust the rear view mirror up or down, because you can't see out of it.

That's weird because you were the last person to drive the car.

I figure my legs comprise about 60 percent of my body and my torso and head comprise the remaining 40 percent. So my height in the car must be roughly 29 inches. I find it surprising that one to two inches (to account for slouching) makes such a difference when it comes to adjusting the mirrors.

I also think it's strange that I am more awake at 5:30 in the morning than I am at 8:00 at night.


Moving on, I have lots o' carry-on baggage when it comes to my level of intelligence.

I think I'm slightly above average when it comes to smarts, but all my life my father has told me that my oldest sister (Caroline) is the smartest one in the family. Then he follows that up with this little nugget. "It's a known fact that each child after the first one loses ten IQ points."

If that logic holds true, simple math will tell you as the sixth child -- the seventh if you count the miscarriage between my closest sister and me -- I have roughly 50 to 60 fewer IQ points than Caroline. Now here's the kicker, he'll then tell me in MY case, he believes that I am the one who is closest in intelligence to Caroline.

Is there a compliment somewhere in there?

The way I see it, he's telling me Caroline is so smart and superior and the rest of us are all a bunch of idiots compared to her. Hence, my lifelong issue with the grey matter.

So in my quest to validate myself I have taken a few IQ tests on the internet. Now before you go telling me how those tests are just there to get you to buy something or to enroll in night school, I know that. But I am desperate. I'll admit it.

Cut to yesterday morning. I happen across a Classic IQ Test and I take it.

Amidst my 3-year-old's requests and questions.

I felt pretty good that I was able to multi-task with my kid and finish the test in roughly 17 minutes. I then learned my results were 127 out of 144. Yeah, that's 88 percent. I was feeling all smart and intelligent.

Then I asked my husband to take it that evening. He did. He got 136 or 94 percent and immediately I felt like a loser. That's the competitive side of me coming out. Paula says my competitive nature is due to a scarcity of love during childhood. Meaning, we all had to compete for the attention/love of our parents so now I constantly want to be "the best" otherwise I feel unworthy. Man that sounds messed up. I guess acknowledgement is the first step to acceptance, right?

Anyway, the funny thing is that when he was taking it, I was hoping my husband's score would be higher than mine. I guess that just proves you need to be careful what you wish for.


2006-11-30 at 10:03 a.m.

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