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I don't know why, but I am fascinated by television shows that document transgender identity. I would have to say Discovery Health is on the leading edge when it comes to shows dealing with this topic. I've caught a show or two on The Learning Channel, but never anywhere else.

I find it intriguing to learn what motivates people to do what they do. I have to believe transgender issues come from the core of one's being, seeing as it's not the "societal norm" and invariably causes much interest, and possibly turmoil, from others.

It seems because of the financial burden, most transgender folks do electrolysis and/or hormone replacement therapy. Some do the reassignment surgery, but many do not have cosmetic facial surgery. In my opinion, this is where the most change occurs.

On the various shows I have seen, only once did I run across a woman who actually looked like a woman, facially speaking. Her nose was small and feminine, her brow was not prominent, and her chin and profile were petite. Turns out she had massive facial reconstruction and it worked, baby. She was quite an attractive woman--she reminded me of Cheryl Ladd. Although she was 6 foot 2, I think.

Anyway, to me the most intriguing of these transgender people are the ones who are married and have children. The ripple effects that are caused by the reassignment are massive. That's what leads me to believe the core issue has to be so great one would be willing to upset the rhythm of one's life. The transgender argument, however, is that there really is no rhythm to his/her life. Hence the overwhelming desire for change.

I think if my husband decided he was a woman trapped in a man's body, I could stay with him after all of the changes. I'm not positive, but I like to believe what attracted me to him is more mental and emotional, rather than physical.

Although, I do enjoy his physique.

So, on this note of transgender television, I was thinking how there aren't any transgender celebrities (at least not any who are out with it). I don't know what percentage of the population are transgender citizens. However, there's got to be one or two in Hollywood, right?

Then I remembered Ms. Alexis Arquette. He was on "The Surreal Life" a while ago and he is in the process of changing over. Back when he was on the show I read online that he was going to document his upcoming surgery for an A&E special.

I think that will be fantastic television.


2006-11-28 at 8:11 a.m.

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