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The other day my hair dryer was trying to die, so I went to Meijer to buy a new one. My two main requirements were that it be compact and have a high wattage. The Conair that's trying to die is around 1600 watts and doesn't quite create the wind tunnel of power I'm looking for.

So I found, and purchased, the Vidal Sassoon Ion Select 1875 Watt hair dryer.

(Side note: I used to work in Marketing and I'm always curious what drives a consumer to choose a particular product.)

Anyway, the packaging on the hair dryer was touting the Ion feature, which I considered a load of bullshit. But once I tried the hair dryer I have to say, I think the folks at Vidal Sassoon are on to something.

The way this ion thing works is that the Ionic Technology helps dry hair fast, conditions it, and then adds volume and shine while reducing "frizz". At least that's what the box says.

I used it yesterday and today, and I think there is, indeed, less frizz and a tad more body. As to the shine factor, that's hard to assess when your hair is mousey brown. Such a fine image to be aligned with -- the color of a rodent's fur.

Anyway, I have a hair dryer that I can depend on, that's the bottom line.

One more note about my hair. I consider it average, not extra thick, but conventional wisdom and quite a few broken barrettes are telling me otherwise.

I have shoulder length hair with bangs. Every day I wear it in a pony tail. It's fast and easy, it requires no real work and it's out of the way of the baby's clenching fists.

I cannot wear the ponytail in a rubber band as my hair is too heavy. The pony tail slowly slides down to the base of my neck. And if you have long hair, you'll understand when I say, what's the point of that?

So I have to use a large barrette to hold it in place. Lately, I've been snapping barrettes left and right. Which leads me to my final conclusion today: I must have thick hair.


2006-11-14 at 9:02 a.m.

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